Bringing the Ultimate in Cleaning & Protection to your Driveway
  Tarmac driveways can be made to look like new, BRITEDRIVES are an approved contractor for the application of PICSCOAT Tarmac Reviver. Your Tarmac driveway colour can be restored using PICSCOAT which is available in several colours including Black, Red and Green. PICSCOAT can also be used to restore the colour back into Asphalt Tennis Courts.  
Choose to seal your driveway after cleaning
enhance the natural colour of the Tarmac

1. The entire surface is cleaned with blowers and high pressure steam cleaned to remove dirt and debris.

2. Minor repairs are carried out to the driveway if required.

3. All oil, petrol, and grease spots are degreased prior to application of PICSCOAT to ensure proper adhesion of the sealer and to rid the asphalt of substances that may damage it.

4. All asphalt surfaces are sealed using the PICSCOAT solution.


  The Deterioration of Unsealed or Improperly Sealed Asphalt  
  Why PICSCOAT Tarmac Sealer?  
  Transform the front of your house for as little as £2.50 per m2 for a DIY solution  
  Tarmac drive cleaning, refurbishment and repair for the Homeowner  
  Make your Tarmac driveway look as good as new by restoring its colour at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  
  Protect against normal wear and tear, thereby doubling or even trebling the life of your driveway.  
  Enable easy-clean of oil leaks and fuel spillages from your Tarmac drive  
  Severely inhibit weed, algae and moss growth from your Tarmac drive  
  Prevent cracks in your Tarmac drive  
  Tarmac drive repair and restoration: DIY or installed at Your Request

Perform a DIY refurbish of your Tarmac driveway for a cost (including PICSCOAT, Application Kit, Delivery and VAT) from £2.50 per m2.

  BRITEDRIVES can supply you with a DIY product kit. Please contact us via our contact us page providing the m2 to be covered and we will be happy to provide a quotation for a DIY kit delivered to you.  
  Buy the materials and tools you need online.  
  If you decide to do it yourself, we will supply you with an instructional DVD  
  If you would like a registered PICSCOAT agent to do the refurbishment for you, we will arrange for a free quote  
  The Benefits of PICSCOAT Tarmac driveway restorer  
Dramatically enhances the aesthetics of any existing Tarmac driveway.
Is a cost effective solution.  
Will improve the 'kerb appeal' of any home  
Water based, environmentally friendly product.  
Will make unsightly Tarmac reinstatements less noticeable.  
Will provide a uniform coloured surface.  
Long lasting.  
Can be easily recoated at any time.  
Ideal to hide unsightly cement stains or marks after building works.  
The treated surface is easier to clean.  
Reduces fretting or stone loss and increases the life span of the driveway.  
Waterproofs and protects Tarmac driveways.  
Is low odour.  
Resists oil, grease and dirt stains.  
Resists fungicidal and algae growth.  
Will improve the ‘kerb appeal’ of any home.  
A great alternative to cleaning your Tarmac drive  
A better way of removing oil from a Tarmac drive and other spillages  
Think before you re-Tarmac your driveway. A PICSCOAT refurbishment is a fraction of the cost  
Re-colour your drive with black, red or green Tarmac coating  
Save yourself the effort of cleaning oil and other stains from your drive - re-coat it for a brand-new look  
Make Tarmac drive maintenance easier and quicker with a new driveway coating  
Tarmac drive repair is quicker, easier and costs less with PICSCOAT  
  See What a Difference We Can Make to the Beauty and Value of Your Home!  
  Contact us now for a no obligation free quotation.  

BRITEDRIVES has built up a strong and loyal client base over the past three years. Our customers don’t hesitate to call us back, year in year out.

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