“Replacing a block-paved driveway, a paved patio or pathway can be very expensive.
The BRITEDRIVES cleaning process will transform AND protect your investment.”


BRITEDRIVES specialises in cleaning hard outdoor surfaces including:










BRITEDRIVES use a high-volume rotary power washing machine that removes ingrained dirt and grime and produces a uniform cleaned surface, unlike regular pressure washing that can produce that 'zebra-striping' look on drives and patios. Infact BRITEDRIVES have the equipment to suit any job such as road sweeper or scrubber dyer.

BRITEDRIVES also provides re-sanding and sealing services that will help to MAINTAIN your investment for years to come.




BRITEDRIVES has built up a strong and loyal client base over the past three years. Our customers don’t hesitate to call us back, year in year out.

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