“Replacing a block-paved driveway, a paved patio or pathway can be very expensive.
The BRITEDRIVES cleaning process will transform AND protect your investment.”
  I was amazed at the results of the work carried out on our classic car garage forecourt and delighted by the service I received from Britedrives. I would certainly recommend them to anyone in the future.

- Howard Cooper.
  Along with its state of the art equipment, Britedrives has an expert workforce providing customers with complete satisfaction of the work carried out. The BRITEDRIVES cleaning process is suitable for many surfaces, from block-paving and concrete to tarmac and wood, making it ideal for:  


   Car parks


   Factory floors

   Warehouse floors

   Supermarket frontages

   Petrol stations

   Tennis courts


   Swimming pools



The BRITEDRIVES cleaning service is also suitable for properties requiring more careful attention, including:

SCHOOL playgrounds and paths

NURSING HOME patios and driveways

  With a careful assessment of your needs and working in partnership, Britedrives can add value to your operations.  
    Working with all types of businesses, Britedrives has an enviable reputation for excellence in delivering a total quality service both safely and professionally, and is dedicated to becoming the UK’s leading specialist hard surface cleaning services provider.  
    BRITEDRIVES can remove years of dirt, oil stains, chewing gum and tyre marks to give you premises to be proud of.  
    Identifying hazards and assessing risks ensures that anyone, from employees and customers to the general public who step onto a commercial property is consistently protected.  
    Whatever your specialist cleaning requirement, Britedrives will provide a cost effective and efficient solution.  

BRITEDRIVES has built up a strong and loyal client base over the past three years. Our customers don’t hesitate to call us back, year in year out.

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