Bringing the Ultimate in Cleaning & Protection to your Driveway

In recent years block paving has become the number one choice for driveways and patios. As we all know, it looks impressive when first laid but within a short space of time nature takes it toll and weeds, moss along with oil/diesel deposits diminish the appearance of your expensive investment.

Fortunately BRITEDRIVES has the answer to cost effectively maintain your block paved driveway.



1. If the area is affected by significant weeds, BRITEDRIVES recommend an application of weed killer two weeks prior to cleaning in order to kill the majority of the weeds.

2. We are able to provide a Minor repairs service to rectify subsidence on block paved driveways. This is subject to a site survey and quotation.

3. The area is thoroughly cleaned to remove the grime, dirt, weeds, lichen, moss and algae that has built up, using an efficient cold water pressure washer coupled with a Rotary Flat Surface Cleaner.

4. The surface is then examined for any remaining stains, such as Oil or Mortar. Additional targeted cleaning is carried out on these areas.

5. Kiln-dried jointing sand is brushed back into the joints.

Choose to seal your driveway after cleaning
enhance the natural colour of the block paving

6. Where required areas will be treated with a broad-spectrum weed killer to help eliminate remaining weeds and spores in order to inhibit re-growth.

7. To provide a long lasting finish, a sealer can be applied to the surface to reduce future staining, enhance the natural colour of the block paving and inhibit the further growth of weeds, algae, lichen and moss.

8. We will clean down any surfaces that may have been splashed by the pressure washing process to ensure that you property is left clean and tidy.

BRITEDRIVES are happy to carry out minor repairs to driveways that are affected by cracking or subsidence. All repair work is subject to a site visit and quotation.
Although the removal of oil stains can be difficult to remove, experience has shown us that, providing the correct procedures are adopted and the spill is dealt with in a timely manner, BRITEDRIVES have a high success rate in removing most staining.
BRITEDRIVES recommends that you seal your driveway after cleaning to ensure your driveway remains weed free and stable; prolonging lifespan and preventing paving failure. BRITEDRIVES is a PICs approved contractor and we use PICs acrylic sealers. The sealer hardens to protect the jointing sand from being washed away and inhibits the growth of moss and weeds. Any future oil or fuel spills can usually be simply hosed or power washed away without causing damage to your driveway.

BRITEDRIVES has built up a strong and loyal client base over the past three years. Our customers don’t hesitate to call us back, year in year out.

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