BRITEDRIVES is a nationwide company with operations throught the UK, specialising in cleaning hard outdoor surfaces such as block-paved, paved, tarmac and concrete driveways for prestigious properties. 

A privately owned business launched in April 2004, BRITEDRIVES has now expanded into a number of locations. It is a specialist cleaning and refurbishment services company designed to tackle the most challenging commercial environments and external hard surfaces.

Throughout the company’s development, BRITEDRIVES’ core objectives have remained the same, to:

  Supply an effective, first class cleaning solution

   Enhance our clients’ positive health and safety culture

   Provide a quality service that meets or exceeds our clients’ needs

   Work in partnership with our clients and treat their properties with respect

   Guarantee our workforce and vehicles portray a professional image

   Seek continuous improvements

  COST EFFECTIVE - BRITEDRIVES offers a cleaning solution that encourages clients to restore
rather than replace drives, patios, paths etc
  HONEST -our prices are clear and competitive
  CLEAN - our workforce and our vehicles are clean and tidy
  PUNCTUAL - we know that time is money, so we don’t keep you waiting
  COURTEOUS - we are polite, professional and thoughtful
  RESPECTFUL - we treat you and your property with the respect you deserve

BRITEDRIVES has built up a strong and loyal client base over the past three years. Our customers don’t hesitate to call us back, year in year out.

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